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5 Watersports To Try Before You Die

You've only got one life to live, and really--if you die before trying these fun activities, you really haven't lived at all. A word of warning: if you don't know how to swim, you'd better learn before you try any of these; you're in for a traumatic experience otherwise. Right, put on that life jacket, and start crossing 'em off your list. Here they are: 5 watersports to try before you die.



Kayaks are small human-powered boats usable in almost all kinds of water conditions--whitewaters, rapids, lakes and rivers--you can take this light-weight boat into pretty much any location at all. Here's why you've got to do it: it's cheap, fun and just a great way to unwind. You, your kayak and good ol' mother nature. Another plus point? Kayaking is extremely to get a hang of, so you'll be scooting across the water in no time at all.

FUN FACT: Research shows that the kayak has existed for over 4000 years!


No, it's not just a way to ask someone what's going on. Short for Stand Up Paddle Surfing, this Hawaiian water sport is only now gaining popularity around the world. It is a must-try simply because not many people are doing it and it's a good place to start before you give surfing a go--the paddle in your hand makes it easier. Many athletes consider this to be a fabulous core work-out since it utilizes almost every muscle group. 

FUN FACT: The sport is an ancient form of surfing, and reemerged as a way for surfing instructors to manage large groups of students, as standing on the board gave them a higher viewpoint, increasing visibility of what was going on around them.

Picture courtesy Flickr Creative Commons user dcysurfer / Dave Young


Adrenaline junkies, this one was made for you. This surface water sport combines the maddening rush of flying with surfing. The surfer depends on the wind to pull them through the water on a small surfboard (similar to a wakeboard).

FUN FACT: Kiteboarding and kitesurfing are the same thing and hence are interchangeable terms

Are you one of those people who lives for combination specials? 2 for the price of one sound good to you? Well, if you answered yes to either question, then this is the perfect water sport for you. Combining the 2 very separate thrills of surfing and sailing, wind surfing is an extremely rewarding exercise. After few lessons, it'll be just you, your equipment, and the wind at your back, with nothing but stretches of blue ocean to conquer. 

FUN FACT: It is almost a certainty that you will need the help of a rescue boat to return to shore after your first windsurfing attempt. This is why one of the first lessons windsurfing novices are taught is how to turn around, no matter the direction of the wind.


Well, this would be a pretty boring list if we didn't include at least one extreme sport. This is about as exciting and thrilling as watersports can get. This challenging recreational outdoor activity uses an inflatable raft to navigate rivers or other bodies of water. However, it is usually conducted on white-water rapids for a real thrill. 

FUN FACT: The first white-water rafting experience was recorded in 1842 by a lieutenant of the US Army on the Platte river in the Midwestern United States

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