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Top 10: Birthday girl Nicole Kidman's best roles

 Top 10: Birthday girl Nicole Kidman's best roles

The best of the beauty from down unde
r: Australian actress Nicole Kidman turns 44. She started her career in 1983, aged 16, in the film Bush Christmas and has since acted in over 50 films. Here are Nicole Kidman's top 10 roles.

Billy Bathgate (1991): Nicole Kidman plays the role of a beautiful young married socialite who is also in a relationship with a gangster. Directed by Robert Benton the film also stars Dustin Hoffman. Nicole won the best supporting actress at the Golden Globe Awards for her role in the movie. The film gained notoriety for Nicole Kidman's full frontal nude scene. 

To Die For (1995): The dark comedy To Die For has Nicole Kidman in the role of a beautiful young woman who aspires to be a world famous news anchor who will do anything to reach her goal. Nicole was nominated for both the Golden Globes as well as the BAFTAs for best actress and won a Golden Globe.

Batman Forever (1995)
: Nicole Kidman is Dr. Chase Meridian, a criminal psychologist, in the superhero film and is also the love interest of Bruce Wayne - the Batman.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
: The Stanley Kubrick film was perhaps Nicole Kidman's most controversial film because of its sexual theme and explicit scenes. Nicole plays Alice, the wife of Dr Bill Harford, a role portrayed by her then husband Tom Cruise. Eyes Wide Shut was Kubrick's last film.

Moulin Rouge! (2001): For her role in the film Nicole Kidman was nominated for a number of awards including the Academy Award for best actress. The Baz Luhrmann film had Nicole as the star courtesan of the legendary Paris cabaret Moulin Rouge.

The Others (2001)
: In Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar's psychological horror The Others Nicole Kidman portrayed the role of a mother with two small children afflicted with a rare disease.

The Hours (2002)
: Nicole Kidman is Virginia Woolf, the English author, in The Hours. The film is also based on a Virginia Woolf novel Mrs Dalloway. Nicole won an Academy Award for her role.

Birth (2004)
: Nicole Kidman won a Golden Globe for her role of a young widow who believes that her husband has reincarnated in the form of a 10-year-old boy.

Australia (2008)
: Baz Luhrmann's Australia is one of the highest grossing Australian films of all time. Nicole Kidman plays the role of a woman who comes to Australia and after her husband is killed manages what her husband has left behind.

Rabbit Hole (2010): Nicole Kidman was herself one of the producers of Rabbit Hole. She plays Becca, a mother who lost her young son in an accident and her husband wants to have another baby. She was nominated for the Academy Awards as well as the Golden Globe Awards.

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