Monday, June 20, 2011

Scoop: What Split? Kareena-Saif To Marry Next Year

Scoop: What Split? Kareena-Saif To Marry Next Year

Scoop: What Split? Kareena-Saif To Marry Next YearKareena has a lot to be thankful to Salman for. He and the team of their underproduction film Bodyguard have adjusted their schedules and dates so that Kareena can join Saif in London for a holiday next week. 

Rubbishing rumours of a rift between Saif abd Kareena sources close to Kareena Kapoor inform us that the headstrong girl has made up her mind to marry Saif next year. And this time it's for sure. 

According to a source close to the couple, both Kareena and Saif feel this is the right time to take the plunge. "Saif is absolutely comfortable with Kareena's mother, her sister Karisma and even her father Randhir Kapoor. 

More importantly, Kareena has finally found a comfort level with Saif's children. This, if you muts know, was the biggest stumbling block in the marriage. 

We can't say that Saif's children Sarah and Ebrahim are Kareena's buddies like Arjun Rampal's kids in the film We Are Family. But Kareena has established a comfort level with the kids. And they are all set to take the plunge next year. "

Says a very close friend of Kareena, "Saif has been keen to marry Bebo for ages now. In fact he wanted to make it official between them soon after he met and fell in love with her. 

But the couple mutually agreed that such an early marriage would be detrimental to her career. But Kareena has got into a phase in her career where her marital status would make no difference to her career. Saif has waited patiently for her to be psychologically prepared for marriage. "

Stories about a rift in their relationship has shocked Kareena and Saif "deeply". 

Says a close friend of Kareena's, "It is ironical that the first murmer about differences between Bebo and Saif have started just when they are ready to take their relationship to another level. 

Both of them were shocked to read that they had a problem in their relationship. In fact Bebo has told us that there can never any issues between them because they are devoted to building a life together. Whether people like it or not Bebo and Saif are in this relationship for keeps. "

It is being said that the couple is not able to spend time together. 

Kareena's friend refutes the claim stoutly. "They're both busy actors. Kareena has, in fact been wrapping up her work in Mumbai to join Saif in London. From there they proceed to her favourite her favourite city Paris. "

Says Kareena's friend, "In fact Salman has been very considerate. When he got to know Bebo and Kareena are shooting in separate continents he adjusted the Bodyguard dates so Bebo can join Saif for a holiday in London. 

In fact Bebo has been shooting non-stop with Salman. So where is the question of making Aamir Khan her confidante, as it's being suggested? Bebo has shot for just four days with Aamir for Reema Kagti's film, and that too two months ago. "

As for the suggestion that Saif is unhappy about paying for Kareena's whole family's holiday a friends of the Kapoors quips, "Kareena's family doesn't need their future damaad to pay for their holidays. And Bebo is flying to London this week without her mom or sister. "

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