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Shamita Shetty quits Bollywood

Shamita Shetty quits Bollywood

Shamita Shetty quits BollywoodThe actress heads to London to pursue another career 

Shilpa Shetty's kid-sister, Shamita Shetty, after not being able to find a foothold in Bollywood, has decided to take off to London to in search of another calling.

Reveals Shilpa, "Shamita is now entering another phase in her life and career. She is now heading to London for a six-month course in interior designing. We all felt this was the right move for her to make." 

Significantly, Shamita moves to another career at a time when Shilpa herself has taken a sabbatical of sorts from acting. However, in her case, it is voluntary.

Explains Shilpa, "At the moment, I'm playing the most satisfying role of my life - that of an housewife. Films were never the be-all-end-all of my life. 

Right now I find the idea of looking after my home far more exciting and challenging than rushing off to studios early morning." 

Siblings don't make it?

Guess it is never easy being a star-sibling. Except sisters Kareena and Karishma Kapoor there are hardly any siblings, both of who have made it big in Bollywood. Here is a list of stars and their brothers or sisters whose movies fell flat on the BO: 

Aamir Khan - Faisal Khan
Salman Khan - Sohail Khan
Kajol - Tanishaa
Sridevi - Srilatha
Rekha - Radha
Anil Kapoor - Sanjay Kapoor
Randhir, Rishi Kapoor - Rajeev Kapoor
Sunil Sutt - Som Dutt
Sanjay, Feroz Khan - Akbar Khan
Mehmood - Anwar

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