Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kangna's Big 'Sacrifice'

Kangna's Big 'Sacrifice'

Kangna`s Big `Sacrifice`The actress brings peace between her warring producers

It was reported earlier this week that Kangna Ranaut's two producers Ratan Jain (Tez) and Bhushan Kumar (I Luv NY) were having an issue over dates, Date Disaster.

Apparently, to resolve the problem Kangs has come up with a 'sacrificing' solution. 

The issue was that Jain urgently required her for a day's shoot in London and Bhushan wasn't able to let her go. The tussle for dates went on for several days, with no solution in sight. 

A source from the crew informs, "KR decided to sacrifice her only weekly off! She flew to London on Saturday and went straight to the sets of Tez. She will be back today and will immediately head to Bhushan's shoot." 

The actress is also due to perform at IIFA in Toronto later in the month. 

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