Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CELEBRITY GOSSIP: Angelina Jolie Gushes About Brad Pitt

The typically reserved actress is still hot for Brad Pitt, and she's free-spiritedly discussed why she finds her man so sexy in an upcoming interview with The Telegraph.

"I am very lucky with Brad," Jolie said. "He is a real gentleman, but he is also a real man's man. He's got the wonderful balance of being an extraordinary, great, loving father, a very, very intelligent man and physically he's a real all things that it means."

And Pitt apparently makes the femme fatale actress, who consistently plays butt-kicking female figures, feel super girly. "I love that I can have children. I love feeling soft, I love being with Brad, I love all the sensitivity and natural emotion."

The actress is taking a professional divergence for her next role -- she'll portray Cleopatra in a new biopic directed by The Social Network's David Fincher. But don't expect the strong-willed Angelina to channel Elizabeth Taylor, who also played the Egyptian ruler in a 1963 film. (The late actress apparently refused to give Angelina her blessing for the remake.)

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