Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cocktails: What You Need to Know About Them

When you have a fetish for cocktails, you must know what they consist of, i.e., their contents and calories; what you should eat after having those drinks; how you can detoxify your body to get out of that hangover.

Contents: Tomato juice, vodka, tobacco, lime juice, salt.
Rescue: Have foods containing starch like potatoes, breads or proteins like chicken, grilled fish.
Detoxify: Plain coconut water
Calorie count: 157

Contents: Kiwi, lime juice, triple sec, sugar, tequila
Rescue: green salads, nuts go well with it.
Detoxify: Papaya, fresh orange juice, avoid caffeine
Calorie count: 151

Contents: Vodka, lime juice, triple sec, sugar, cranberry juice.
Rescue: have a snack before gulping it down the throat
Detoxify: Indulge in bananas.....provides energy and makes up for the potassium loss.
Calorie count: 151

Contents: Mint leaves, lemon wedges, lime juice, sugar, white rum, mojito mix.
Rescue: fruits, nuts
Detoxify: Lots of water to flush it out.
Calorie count: 136

Contents: Gin, vodka, tequila, rum, triple sec, cranberry, lime juice.
Rescue: give a gap of at least an hour between the drinks.
Detoxify: Fruits, yogurt...make it a healthy breakfast to get you over with it.
Calorie count: 457

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