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Kangna in a date disaster

Kangna in a date disaster

Kangna in a date disasterTwo producers are fighting over Kangna Ranaut

Kangna Ranaut seems to be caught in the clash of producers, Ratan Jain (Tez) and Bhushan Kumar (I Love NY), over dates. 

According to a source, the actress, who is currently shooting for Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru's I Love NY (earlier titled Happy New Year), was urgently required for a day on the sets of Tez in UK. 

Jain requested Kumar to give a day out of her current schedule, but he didn't oblige. As a result the Tez unit will have no choice but to shoot without their lead actress," the source informs.

Not one but three days!

BK confirms, "We are shooting with both Sunny Deol and Kangna till June 20. Jain required Ranaut for a day. We tried our level best but we couldn't match our combination dates. 

Her traveling to London will be another two days. It was difficult for us to let her go for three days altogether. Moreover, both Sunny and Kangna are leaving on June 20, for IIFA. So we can't even extend the shoot." 

The producer adds, "We are all part of the same industry and should be there to help each other. I have a huge respect for Priyadarshan (director of Tez) and Jain but unfortunately, it couldn't be worked out. They will have to manage without her." 

Will the other producer be upset with him? "Why would he be? The dates are with us and not with him. We hope he understands. And if he doesn't then I can't do much. I tried really hard." 

Kangna Ranaut and Ratan Jain remained unavailable for comments. 


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