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Mystery thief strikes: Hrithik's dancing shoes stolen!

Mystery thief strikes: Hrithik's dancing shoes stolen!

Mystery thief strikes: Hrithik`s dancing shoes stolen!A mystery robber of a thief has been creating ruckus at Filmcity in Goregoan. The latest victim is Hrithik Roshan... 

Hrithik Roshan's dancing shoes went missing on the sets of his dance reality show Just Dance, right on the first day of the shoot at Filmcity in Goregoan! The pair was stolen from his vanity van. 

Remember, this is exactly from where Amrita Rao's diamond necklace and Sonakshi Sinha's solitaire earrings were stolen their vanity vans in Filmcity.

Due to such incidences, units shooting at the suburban location suspect that this could be the work of the same mystery robber.

A source from the sets of the dance show informs, "It was Hrithik's first day of shoot. He had a very intense dance piece and he wanted this certain pair of shoes, which he is comfortable in and that went with the whole look. 

Suddenly, we realised his shoes were missing from the vanity van. There were just so many people on the sets. We knew someone from the crowd had stolen them."

Other arrangements

Thankfully, the shoot wasn't stalled and another pair was arranged for the star. "The pair was not from his personal wardrobe but a part of the costumes for the shoot.

They were color-coordinated with his clothes. We had to stall the shoot and wait for a long time before we arranged another pair, " the source further adds. 

What was Hrithik's reaction? "He was a little rattled but he is an amazing chap. He is not the kind who will throw a fits for such small issues." 

"Yes, the pair was expensive. Duggu is a great dancer and needs particular dance shoes that have a certain grip and sole. He tries them on, dances in them and then decides which one is he comfortable in, " the source adds. 

Surily Goel who has designed the actor's look in the show confirms, "When we found that his dancing shoes were stolen, we rushed to the market and got more pairs. 

The shoot was stalled for a few hours. Maybe we should have been extra careful. But it's okay. Such things happen." 

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