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Shah Rukh Khan to launch small-town girl

Shah Rukh Khan to launch small-town girl

Shah Rukh Khan to launch small-town girlKanika Dhillon is Red Chillies content head whose debut novel hits stands this week 

A young girl from Amritsar -- another fan wanting to work with Shah Rukh Khan -- came to Mumbai to realise her dream. Five years later, she is not only the content head of the superstar's production company but has also written a book that will be launched by King Khan himself.

This is a dream come true for protege Kanika Dhillon's, whose debut novel Bombay Duck Is a Fish hits stands on June 6 in Mumbai. 

An insider states, "Kanika has always looked up to SRK who has mentored her and guided her. She could've asked for nothing more than him launching her novel." 

Kanika says, "He is the raison d'etre for me to pursue my career in Bollywood. He's been a mentor and has guided me right from the outset of my journey in films.

I was humbled and elated when he readily agreed to launch my debut novel without batting an eyelid. Many directors and careers have been instigated by him over the years, and that's why he is what he is -- the King Khan!" 

About the book

Bombay Duck Is A Fish traces the journey of small-towner Neki Brar, who like countless other star struck people, leaves her MNC job and comes to Bombay to make it big in the film industry. Neki is relentless in her pursuit of being a filmmaker. 

She starts assisting on a project and is enamored by the pull of Shah Rukh Khan. Hers is an insider's perspective of all that everyone's ever wanted to know about what goes on behind the scenes while shooting a film. 


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