Sunday, June 5, 2011

Solar Eclipse Over China..Awesome pix

Solar Eclipse Pictures: See Last Night's Midnight Madness

Partial Solar Eclipse

The moon nibbles at the sun's disk during a solar eclipse over China's Changchun Province near dawn on Thursday. 
Visible from much of Earth's remote northern reaches, the partial solar eclipse began over the eastern edge of Asia before moving "backward" across time zones to areas of Siberia, Scandinavia, Iceland, Canada and Alaska.
In some regions where the sun doesn't set in June, sky-watchers had the rare opportunity to see a midnight solar eclipse.

•Moon Moves In

Seen from Finnish Lapland, last night's partial solar eclipse occurred during the first appearance of 2011's midnight sun in the area, according to photographer B. Art Braafhart. "Almost perfect circumstances with some clouds," Braafhart said in an email.
Solar eclipses occur when Earth, the moon, and the sun are aligned so that—as seen from Earth—the moon appears to cover all or part of the sun's disk.
Solar "Smile"

The sun "smiles" over northern Finland last night during a midnight solar eclipse.
Partial solar eclipses, such as last night's, which is the second of 2011—happen when Earth crosses only through the faint outer part of the moon's shadow, known as the penumbra. (By contrast, during a total eclipse the sun is completely blotted out by the moon as its dark, central shadow, called the umbra, falls in a very narrow strip along Earth's surface.

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