Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 Things You Never Knew About Online Porn

10 Things You Never Knew About Online Porn

Who would've thought statistics could be 'sexy?' Well, here are some crazy statistics/facts about the online porn industry that should grab you by the balls. Oops, no pun intended!

Permeating Porn
12% Of all existing websites online currently are porn! That means there are approximately 26 million pornographic websites out there. What does that mean for you? Quite simply, too much porn, too little time. 
Explicit E-mails
8% of all the emails sent every day--that works out to approximately 25 billion--are pornographic.

Debauched Downloads
1 in 3 of all downloads worldwide are porn! Now do you really blame your company's IT geek for blocking your favourite adult sites?

Sexed-up Sundays
Sunday is the day of maximum porn-consumption. Whatever happened to Sunday being a day for rest and prayer?

There is still a horrific amount of child pornography out there, even if it is a small part of the whole pie. 1,16,000 searches a day!

A Quarter of Porn Please

1 in 4 online queries are related to porn. What do horny net users search for the most?

-SEX: 70 million searches

-ADULT DATING : 30 million searches

-PORN: 23 million searches

Winning West, Embarrassing East
They're the numero uno consumers in almost every other industry, so it's no surprise that U.S. residents comprise over half of the online porn consumers in the world! The country with the highest per-capita porn searches in the world, however....wait for it....Pakistan!

Female Fixations
No, we're not referring to the obsession with naked women. It turns out 1 in 3 porn viewers are actually women. So much for that holier than thou attitude! 

Tech Innovators
It is a widely acknowledged fact that the adult entertainment industry is usually the first to adopt any new platform of content delivery. The innovators in online streaming? Porn. The deciding factor in the battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD? The porn industry. Encryption for online payments becoming ubiquitous? You have porn to thank for that. Using spam to promote products and websites? You guessed it, porn. And the big one: porn played a huge role in enabling the spread of broadband internet. 

Fully Loaded
And why bother with all the innovation above? One simple fact: the online smut industry makes 3000$ a second.

Wow. Considering that last fact, you might just want to consider a career change! But whatever you do, don't get a job as a "fluffer." That's the name given to the women who hang around the sets keeping the male stars "up" and ready for their scenes. That usually involves a whole lot of fellatio. With the advent of viagra, however, fluffers aren't much in demand anymore. But they always need someone to mop up afterwards...are you getting your résumé ready?

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