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Shocking: Urvashi Sharma robbed by her own driver!

Shocking: Urvashi Sharma robbed by her own driver!

Shocking: Urvashi Sharma robbed by her own driver!The actress reacts after culprit who allegedly stole from her, is caught. She recounts the turn of events... 

Actress Urvashi Sharma had her driver Sanjay Kumar Bhagat arrested on May 27 on charges of theft. She accused the young man who has worked for her five years, of stealing her valuables. 

Says Sharma, "It began last year when I lost an expensive diamond ring. At the time, I though I had misplaced it. A few months later, I lost my phone. Sanjay goes with me everywhere, so I asked him. 

He denied knowing anything about it. I recently moved house and have realised that my digital camera is missing. He feigned ignorance yet again. Shortly after, he went to Nepal to get married." 

Suspicions confirmed

That's when her suspicion grew. "I recalled that he wanted me to lend my camera to him when he was going to Nepal. I refused because it was an expensive piece. 

I also remembered that he had wanted my phone. 

My suspicions were confirmed when my maid told me that she had seen my missing phone with him and that he had also told her about a diamond ring he bought for his wife. 

The description was very similar to my ring. That's when I was sure he had been stealing my stuff." 

The actress summoned him back to Mumbai and confronted him. "I told him I'd hand him over to the police if he didn't own up. He finally admitted to the theft while in police custody."

It was the breach of trust that affected Urvashi more than anything else. "I gave him my car to use as a taxi to make extra bucks. I helped him when his dad was unwell and this is what I got in return. 

He also told my bodyguard behind my back that he knows a lot of my secrets and can make a lot of money by giving it out to media," she reveals. 

Samad Sheikh, senior inspector, Bandra Police Station, confirms, "We arrested him. He was produced before the court today and he admitted to his crime. We have also recovered Urvashi's phone."


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