Friday, May 27, 2011

Akshay to walk the ramp, Twinkle won't attend

Akshay to walk the ramp, Twinkle won't attend

Akshay to walk the ramp, Twinkle won`t attendAkshay Kumar walks the ramp again, this time with a T-shirt that says 'No Controversies Please' 

Three years after the 'unbuttoning' controversy, a nervous Akshay Kumar is all set to walk the ramp again in Delhi today. 

This time, it's for a vest brand he endorses. The Khiladi has come up with a novel idea for the event. He will sport a T-shirt that says 'No Controversies Please'. 

A source close to Akshay says, "The company had a very tough time convincing Akki to walk the ramp again. Last time, when he walked at a fashion show, he and Twinkle were booked and arrested for obscenity." 

"Later on, he was heard telling his friends that anybody could get up and do anything even if he did something funny with one's own wife!" the source adds. 

Apparently, Akki felt that the whole thing was blown out proportion and though he's not scared of controversies he doesn't want one for today's event.

"After that incident, a wary AK refused to walk the ramp for any shows. He only walked for Being Human once because Salman Khan requested him to.

For today's event, he will be wearing a specially made T-shirt with 'No Controversies Please' printed on it in bold letters. It was his idea to wear such a tee. And no, Twinkle won't attend the event." 

Controversy unleashed

In 2009, Akshay strutted his stuff for an international denim brand at a Mumbai Fashion Week. 

At the event, in his typical impromptu style, AK walked up to his wife who was sitting in the audience, in the front row. He asked her to undo a couple of buttons of his jeans after which he walked off the stage. 

A ruckus followed and an obscenity case was filed against the couple. The actor refused to apologise and said that it was spontaneous and not vulgar. 


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