Friday, May 27, 2011

The importance of being Salman Khan

When it is Salman Khan, you have got to be ready. So before we report the proceedings of the star's first official press conference in Chandigarh to promote his upcoming film, Ready, you would have to excuse the frequent use of the word "ready" for the countdown to his grand appearance was riddled with a checklist of "ready" starting with the star's chair.

The chair's height adjustment — ready. Mike test — ready. Background music and sound — ready. The party preparations at Kava in Sector 26 later on — ready. The Taj staff and security — ready. Cops on call — ready. Barricade of bouncers with bulging biceps, potbellies and Dabangg sunglasses — ready. Cameras, pens and pads — ready. Finally, Salman Khan — er, not ready.

As we waited restlessly among a sea of fans, media and sponsors for Khan, the television crew lost its patience and staged a walkout. Two extremely mismanaged hours later, the star arrived, and was more than ready to field a volley of questions. 

Barely audible amidst the chaos and din of the Taj terrace hall, Khan, in his trademark Being Human tee and jeans, took centre stage and flashes, "are you ready for Ready?" According to him, it is a situational comedy with amazing characters. "It has no extra marital affairs or jokes. if Anees Bazmi had to make a Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, then Ready is the way he would make it," he compliments the director of the film.

So what if it is punctuated with double meaning dialogues and usual hurl of Indian abuses, the film's got a clean chit from Censors and will be releasing on June 3.

"I don't know about these gay comedies and romcoms doing the rounds these days, all I want to make is a film with a hero and I want to work hard at it," says the actor who wants to get the real angry young man super star of a hero back on silver screen. "A hero to me is someone who gains instant respect of the audience the minute they watch the film. He is someone everyone wants to follow, a man, an underdog who takes a stand and fights for justice. I bet one would like every son, husband, father, brother to be like a super hero," he makes a reference to his character in Dabangg and Wanted. Busy working on the sequel of the film, Khan will also be seen in brother Sohail Khan's production Sher Khan and Yash Chopra's Ek Tha Tiger. But it is Khan as a producer of the children's film by UTV called Chillar Party that's got everyone talking. "I have seen the film twice and I am huge fan. All the children in it are Dabangg, and they stand for a right, to save a dog, against a powerful minister." Khan is also busy promoting Being Human, painting, writing and working for charity. "Are you blaming me for that," he gets sarcastic adding how that is something he wanted to do and will do.

Move to his leading ladies including Asin, Zarine Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Sneha Ulhal, and Khan has no answer for why they are all one hit wonders. "All I can say is that if a girl can make my head turn, she can make this whole country's head turn, and she deserves to be the leading lady of my film."

He can single handedly overshadow the stars in his film, ride on it alone, and it doesn't bother this Khan. "There was a time when I was nowhere. Out of sight. And now that I am doing films, I have the right to be all over," he shoots, getting miffed with the media present in the room with each passing second. "I'd rather have the media out and fans in," he gets in a defence mode, confessing how he still is not media savvy and all he wants to do is promote the film.

He sure is ready for that.

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