Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catfight: Shazahn Padamsee, Sonal Chauhan have a verbal spat

Catfight: Shazahn Padamsee, Sonal Chauhan have a verbal spatSonal Chauhan and Shazahn Padamsee get into an argument at an event over ill-treatment of staff 

Sonal Chauhan and Shazahn Padamsee had a verbal spat at an event in a suburban hotel recently. 

The starlets were among the several B-Town folk present at the launch of Divine Thoughts production house. Says a source present at the event, "Shazahn was accompanied by her staff. 

Though they kept quiet and did what she wanted them to do, she was being unnecessarily demanding of them." 

Even though Sonal did not know Shazahn, she found her behaviour obnoxious. 

Adds the source, "She went up to her and told Shazahn that what she was doing was wrong and that her staff needed to be treated with respect. Shazahn was taken aback."

While Sonal remained unavailable for comment, Shazahn says, "I was there at the event only with my manager. But nothing of this sort happened. This is utter nonsense. 

I was there at the required time, did what I had to do and then left. I don't know Sonal nor have I interacted with her." 

But the source maintains, "Sonal did give her a piece of her mind."


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