Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guess who are the first ones to see SRK's Ra.One?

Guess who are the first ones to see SRK`s Ra.One?Shah Rukh Khan shows first Ra.One rushes to young cast of his next production 

Guess who are the first ones to see the rushes of Shah Rukh Khan's next big release, Ra.One the cast of his home production Always Kabhi Kabhi.

The actor is known for holding exclusive pre-release screenings of his upcoming movies for close friends and family members. 

This time he made an exception and gave the young guns of AKK Zoa Morani, Giselle Monteiro, Ali Fazal, Satyajit Dubey and also director Roshan Abbas, a sneak peek into Ra.One. 

Song sequence

This happened when they were shooting for AKK song Antenna.

Says a source, "The shooting of the song got over at 2 am and SRK was heading home. Satyajit asked him about the experience of shooting a big and expensive film like Ra.One. 

Acting impromptu, Shah Rukh invited all of them to his vanity van. 

Roshan did try to dissuade the kids saying that SRK might be tired but he called them in and showed them the songs and major portions of the sci-fi thriller."

Visual delight

Roshan Abbas says, "The kids were blown away after they saw the rushes. The sheer size and scale of Ra.One is overwhelming! Ali says it was like entering a space shuttle."

Stayed away

So were the kids also beleaguered by King Khan's presence on the sets of AKK? Roshan says, "During the shoot SRK deliberately stayed away.

He did not want the new actors to be overwhelmed by his presence. But in the last month, he met and interacted with them. 

He told them to enjoy this moment and do their parents proud! On one occasion Shah Rukh mentioned that while growing up, he was glad to have his mother's support. She called him her Dilip Kumar."


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