Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hollywood's Sexiest Singers

Hollywood's Sexiest Singers

Pop Tarts

These sexy singers are not only great eye candy, but they are seriously talented ladies. They rock the house and shake their stuff like nobody's business, usually without any pants on. Check out the hottest pop star pics here.

1. Shake It Senorita

Shakira owns the stage. Her hips don't lie, and that's for sure. We just don't know how someone so tiny can shake so furiously. It's magic! We aren't complaining.
2. Boots Are Made for Walkin'

Rihanna rocks her knee-high boots while she belts on stage, sans pants. Even though she's not wearing a whole heck of a lot, she still manages to look classy, not trashy. It's a big feat.
. Sparkle and Flow

Ke$ha is a newcomer to the pop tart scene with her hit "Tick Tock,"but looks like she's fitting in just fine. Sparkly tights? Check. Knee-high boots? Check. No pants? Check. Insane hair? Check. Yeah, we'd say she's doing just fine. She even brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack. Oh snap.
4. Fame Monster

Lady Gaga is her own brand of sexy. It's unconventional, for sure, but she makes it work. Who else could make an outfit and hairdo like this hot? No one. Fact.
5. Blonde Ambition

Christina Aguilera is another old hat when it comes to pop sensations. But, time after time she proves that she's still got it. She's branching out into movies now, starring alongside Cher for a new flick, but we bet music will always be her first love, along with peroxide and red lipstick.
6. Red Velvet

Beyonce is a self-proclaimed bootylicious babe. Need we say more? (Other than Jay-Z is one lucky man?)
7. Pus sycat, Pus sycat

Nicole Scherzinger and the Pus sycat Dolls are too hot to trot. These scantily clad leading ladies tear it up on the stage, and belt out the catchy hits. These gals are seriously hot, and not afraid to show it.
8. Teen Queen

Miley Cyrus is still a youngster, but she has no problem shakin' her stuff and being a little edgy. She certainly knows how to rock the stage, and we're positive she'll be around a while. Who knows what the next few years will bring for this former Disney kid.
9. Country Cutie

We're not sure country crooner Taylor Swift can really be classified as "sexy," but she is gorgeous and adorable, so she made our list. She's a lot more modest and wholesome than the rest of the pop tarts, but she's definitely got a certain appeal.
10. Oldie But Goodie

This girl's a veteran to the pop tart scene, but Brit still has what it takes to pull off a rhinestone bra and bootie shorts with boots. She's a trainwreck sometimes, but she always puts on a great show. It's she lucky? That Hollywood star.

11. Trapeze If You Please

Pink really knows how to put on a show. For her last tour, she had a full out acrobatics performance to accompany her big hits. Here she's blindfolded and suspended way high above the crowd. Yikes! We guess all that physical activity keeps her lookin' fly in all that Spandex.
12. Heart and Soul

Katy Perry got her start by singing about kissing girls, and liking it. Now she's in the spotlight because she kissed Russell Brand, liked it, and now they're getting married. Funny how things work out.
14. Pants Off, Dance Off

Lily Allen doesn't have any problem showing off her backside as she performs. The "Smile" singer looks totally comfortable rocking out in Australia in her skivvies.

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