Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sonam ends her war with Shahid's dad

Sonam ends her war with Shahid's dad

Sonam ends her war with Shahid`s dadShahid makes the two finally talk out their differences on the director's birthday 

Shahid Kapoor has managed to broker peace between co-star Sonam and his father Pankaj Kapur. 

On the director's birthday on Saturday night, it was the mausam for making up. The two finally talked out their differences. 

Explains an insider, "The dates that Sonam gave her other films went for a toss, thanks to Mausam's erratic schedule. 

It was also recently reported that Sonam walked off the sets on noticing lack of facilities at the location. 

Sonam and Mausam director Pankaj didn't see eye to eye yet were cordial to each other on the sets. Her showing up to Kapur's surprise birthday party thawed the ice between the two." 

Pankaj gave her a big hug when she entered the party. Sonam hugged him back. He looked really happy to see her and she looked at ease chatting with him. Pankaj was even heard praising the actress. 

The source adds that the bash in Bandra was organised by Shahid, "It was a surprise party. Sonam, too, decided to let bygone be bygones and came at the time mentioned." 

Anil Kapoor's beti came for the party though she was exhausted and hadn't slept for almost 24 hours. 

"She had shot the whole day for Mausam and not slept the night before as she rushed to wrap the shoot. People close to Pankaj were heard remarking on how well the girl's parents had brought her up." 

What the...

In March this year it was reported that Sonam Kapoor had flown down to Chandigarh for Mausam in the wee hours but on going to the resort she discovered that her room was not reserved. 

After an hour, she finally checked into a room, freshened up and arrived at the shooting spot to find that her make-up man, vanity van and spot boy were unavailable. 

She then made several calls to the production house and finally decided to leave the sets. 

The producers apologised and finally managed to bring her back to the sets to complete the shooting of the song.

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

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