Thursday, June 9, 2011

John to fulfil his mom's Irani dream

John to fulfil his mom's Irani dream

John to fulfil his mom`s Irani dreamJohn Abraham, finally gets serious about fulfilling his mother's dream of visiting Iran 

Shooting along with Chitrangada Singh for Shrishti Arya's I, Me Aur Main and hearing her co-star's constant chatter about her son, has apparently, stirred John Abraham. 

Suddenly, the actor has become extra determined to take his mother, who is a Parsi, to where she always wanted to go Iran. Sources say that they will fly as soon as the current schedule of IMAM is over. 

Says a source close to the actor, "John's mother has many relatives in Iran, She hasn't met many of them for years and has been talking about going to the country for a long time. 

John had secretly promised himself he'd take her there one day.

But that 'one day' never came due to his busy schedules. He has now adopted a do-or-die attitude for the trip." 

Says John, "My mum is from Iran and she has some 22 cousins there. I want to take her there to meet all her relatives." 


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