Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Imran gave maa-bahen gaalis in front of Aamir!

When Imran gave maa-bahen gaalis in front of Aamir!

When Imran gave maa-bahen gaalis in front of Aamir!Ranbir Kapoor had turned down Delhi Belly because he couldn't imagine watching the film with his parents at its premiere. 

As the day for the release of unarguably India's most irreverent and raunchy youth film approaches its producer, the revered and anything-but-raunchy Aamir Khan is getting bolder by the week. 

The latest trailer of the film to be aired from July 19 is bound to raise more eyebrows than anything that has ever come out from the distinguished Aamir Khan Productions. 

The trailer that was shot by the film's director Abhhinay Deo in utmost secrecy last week brings together Aamir and Imran Khan for the first time, in a mock-argument over the colourful and lurid content of Delhi Belly. 

And horror of horrors, Imran actually lets lose a volley of choicest Hindi abuses. 

Says a source, "It's all in fun. But it will shock Aamir's and Imran's fans out of their wits. 

Aamir has always been known to be this no-nonsense guardian-like figure to Imran and Imran, we presumed, is quite scared of Aamir. To see him let off a chain of maa-bahen gaalis in from Aamir is quite an aesthetic shock. "

And that's exactly the effect the trailer aims at. 

Says the source, "Aamir wants the potential audience for Delhi Belly to know that this is not a film for the squeamish or the purists. By bringing Imran into the discussion on aesthetics and how Delhi Belly will reverse Aamir's image as a producer, Aamir clearly wants to let the world know that Delhi Belly is the ultimate culture shock for Aamir's fans. " 

Apparently Imran was hesitant about using the maa-bahen lingo in front of Aamir. 

"But Aamir told Imran to relax and just let go. After that Imran did just that. When viewers see him mouthing those beep-beep sweet-nothings in front of Aamir they'll simply freak out. "

We tried to get a confirmation on the gaali-quotient in the Imran-Aamir trailer from Delhi Belly co-producer UTV's Siddharth Roy Kapoor and the trailer's director Abhinay Deo. 

They both chose to remain silent. 

They've been told to maintain utmost secrecy about the shocker-trailer until it is first aired on July 19.

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