Friday, June 3, 2011

Ranbir is sick of being a Casanova, Imran defends him

Ranbir is sick of being a Casanova, Imran defends him

Ranbir is sick of being a Casanova, Imran defends himRanbir Kapoor is hell-bent on de-tagging the Casanova label from him, feels awkward facing family, too

Funny that the tag of a ladies man should affect a Kapoor! The Kapoors are known for their love for women and romance. 

But surprisingly, the youngest Kapoor of the family is feeling burdened under the pressure to be more 'decent' and be discreet about his dating scene. 

Sources tell us that Ranbir's parents, Rishi and Neetu, do not like the fact that Ranbir is being linked with almost all of his heroines.

Not that they are mere stories, Ranbir likes girls and as any normal single man would do, likes going out on dates with them. But according to sources, the family is concerned that too much play would affect his image and subsequently, his career. 

Recently at an event, Ranbir confessed that his parents feel upset after reading such stories and he feels awkward facing his family members. He is answerable to them and the loose talk about his character is not really being appreciated. 

However, a source from the industry tells us, "Ranbir didn't really realise that his dating scene would affect him so much. He would ask out whichever girl he fancied. 

He forgot that he is a public figure and he cannot continue doing what he did back in college. So the media reported about every date that he we went for. This is a lesson for him to be more discreet rather than getting upset that it is being reported." 

Close buddy Imran Khan recently defended him by saying, "If he enjoys life, wine, women... there's nothing bad about it. Ranbir's not doing anything illegal, but if media wants to write about it, you can't stop them." 

Would we be stretching our imagination if we say that the latest stand up comedy act that Ranbir did for a commercial almost speaks of his dilemma?

The dialogue in the ad says, "When a phone service can keep five devices happy you go wow and if we talk about one man keeping five women happy it is considered bad. Its hypocritical!" 


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