Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When will I get it back: Minissha Lamba

When will I get it back: Minissha Lamba

When will I get it back: Minissha LambaMinissha Lamba has no clue about when can she retrieve her personal belongings the customs confiscated 

When Minissha Lamba was detained at the airport for carrying undeclared jewellery last month, the customs officials also confiscated a lot of her personal belongings from her baggage as well. 

The actress has yet to hear from the authorities about when she can take back her stuff. 

As reported 'Mini in big trouble' she was detained at Mumbai's international airport for carrying diamond jewellery worth approximately Rs 50 lakh. The starlet was on her way back from the Cannes film festival. 

The customs folk confiscated her designer sunglasses, shoes, purses and handbags. Minissha had shopped for them in Cannes.

Says a source, "She had especially picked up these accessories as part of her styling for Joker and Hum Tum Aur Shabana for which she is shooting presently." 

Adds the source, "After submitting all the paperwork and waiting for a while, she realised that things were not moving ahead. 

She then outsourced the stuff immediately. She found things similar to what she had purchased for her shoot schedules." 

Minissha's spokesperson preferred a no-comment stance on the issue. The customs folk also did not want to state anything about her case.

"We do not want to reveal any details about the case to the media, " said a customs official.

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