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Baba Re Baba: Now Sanju Baba to play Baba Ramdev

Baba Re Baba: Now Sanju Baba to play Baba Ramdev

Baba Re Baba: Now Sanju Baba to play Baba RamdevMani Shankar plans a film on Ramdev and confirms that Sanjay Dutt will be a part of it 

Mani Shankar, who is very close to Baba Ramdev, is so galvanised by the yoga guru's fast-unto-death (apparently, to countermand corruption) that he has decided to make a film on him. 

The movie that will also include the Saturday-night incident when his fast at the Ramlila grounds in Delhi was disrupted, will be entitled Baba. 

Mani is now closely monitoring Ramdev's movements in the Capital so that the filmmaker, who believes that research is the core of every story, can gather first hand information for his movie. 

The director, who's previous outing Knock Out was based on money stored away in foreign accounts by politicians and the crusade to get it back, says, "I was fired by Baba's public stance to get back the money stashed away abroad. It inspired me to think of the story of KO.

Now, I have a new script that looks at the idea of corruption and politicians from Baba Ramdev's perspective." 

Will he, won't he

The film will feature Shankar's favourite actor Sanjay Dutt. However, it isn't clear if Sanju baba will play Ramdev Baba in the film or not. But, Dutt is definitely a part of the project. 

"He will never say no to me. I can't tell you at the moment what he will play in my film. This much I can say, Sanju exudes the purity to play Baba, " the filmmaker adds.

Wonder if Sanjay, who is always hounded by controversies, will be interested in playing a controversial character?

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