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Working overtime on Vidya's Dirty Picture creates a tiff

Working overtime on Vidya's Dirty Picture creates a tiff

Working overtime on Vidya`s Dirty Picture creates a tiffVidya Balan's next film's shooting was disrupted on day one as shoot went for 14 hours

The filming of Ekta Kapoor's next was disrupted on the very first day by the Workers Union. 

Apparently, the shoot for Dirty Pictures went on for 14 hours at a stretch and rules say that anything beyond eight hours is overtime. 

The film starring Naseeruddin Shah, Vidya Balan and Tusshar Kapoor went on the floors four days ago. A crew member spills the beans, "We were shooting with Vidya Balan at Film City.

The shoot started at 7 am and continued till 10 pm. According to the norms, a film crew is not supposed to shoot for more than eight hours. Though we got our lunch and dinner breaks, a regulation was still broken."

Apparently, a mysterious call alerted the Union. "Someone from the crew called them and complained. The Union people reached the sets at around 11 pm and asked us to pack up. Thankfully, there was no argument. 

They just told the director to wrap up immediately and were kind enough to let us finish the scene, " the source adds. 

Prem Singh Thakur, the senior vice chairman of Workers Union and vigilance chairman of FWICE confirms, "Yes, we went on the sets and told them to pack up.

I told the director that they can't shoot any longer and they were cooperative. Vidya immediately got up and left. 

They requested to let them finish the scene for another 15 minutes. So we gave them that extra time and made sure everyone left in the next half an hour."

Adds Thakur, "In the future, if the workers are being made to work extra hours again, we will stall the shoot." Ekta Kapoor remained unavailable for comments.

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