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Belly Dancing Tips!

Belly dancing is one of the oldest and most fascinating forms of dancing. Though believed to have originated from the Middle East, today it is popular world- wide. Elegantly performed by women, this form of dancing comes naturally to them due to their muscle and bone structure. The specialty of this dance is that it focuses on isolated movements of the abdomen which are beautifully woven together into alluring and entertaining performance. Some of the distinguishing features of belly dancing that sets it apart from other forms of dances are as follows:

Costume : Flowing garments, veils, Billowing pants made of glitzy and rich fabrics

Jewellery : Flashy and exotic jewelry like anklets, bangles , armbands, toe rings etc

Other accessories that add extra entertainment quotient to the performance like intricate belts that are eye-catcher, scarves etc

Music: Though music may differ from dancer to dancer but it is usually fast and powerful that gels well with the fast paced movements of the performer

Barefoot: Mostly belly dance is performed barefeet, but at times specially designed sandals with flexible soles or even ballet slippers are worn that becomes the added attraction of the performer.
A highly entertaining performance for the viewers, belly dance also acts as an effective method of work out for the performer. For all those who have been fascinated by belly dancers can actually perform the dance themselves by practicing the movements and creating right kind of ensemble for themselves. Some of the instructions given below can be of great help to the enthusiasts.
Firstly make a casual outfit for practice by scrunching up a T-shirt under the front of your bra. You can make use of a brooch or pin to highlight the bust line. For the lower portion of the costume you can design a make shift shirt with the help of richer fabrics like chiffon, brocade, satin or silk.

A pair of billowy dancing pants is perfectly suitable for the belly dancers as it highlights the belly movements beautifully. Made of opaque material, these loose pants or pantaloons should have waistline far below the belly and just an inch above the buttocks. Ensure that while the extra fabric flows out of the sides of the legs, the pantaloon is sewn closed at the ankles.

You can also create a midriff blouse or modify an off-the-rack belly shirt for the dance. Moreover, to ensure free movement of the arms avoid using long-sleeved tops. To add more glamour to the costume, you can use an enticing beaded belt that can be attached to the elastic band underneath the hip band.

To complete your ensemble you need to have long chiffon scarves that can be used as veils, some eye-catchy ornaments and colorful sandals, if required

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