Sunday, May 22, 2011

Discuss-Castration for sex offenders:

The Times of India recently reported that a court advocated the use of "chemical castration" as an alternative to a jail term for rapists.

"The Indian legislators are yet to address the issue (of rape) with all seriousness by exploring the possibility of permitting imposition of alternative sentences of surgical castration or chemical castration, particularly in cases involving rape of minors, serial offenders and child molesters or as a condition for probation, or as an alternative sentence in case of plea bargaining," an additional sessions judge Kamini Lau was quoted as saying.
Hardly a week goes by without the media reporting on rape, defilement and other sexual related cases that seem to have taken over the world.
Such questions make one question whether today's generation is libidinous or that the cases have always been there only that now the media has made them an agenda.
Either way, the practice must be condemned because the effects, especially to the victims are enormous.
Rape, defilement or indecent assault will most likely leave its victims, diseased, psychologically scarred, physically bruised and with unwanted pregnancies, among other things. To make matters worse, it is not always that these people are able to heal the trauma arising from the painful experiences.
In most cases, the rapist or defiler—if caught—are slapped with lenient jail sentences, with others getting funny punishments like the recently reported case where a man was asked to run around a compound twenty times as punishment for committing defilement.
Root Cause  

While women have had their fair share of victimising men, sex crimes are mainly done by men, prompting some people to suggest castration as the lasting solution to sex crimes.
But Chancellor College sociologist, Pierson Ntata, says removal of private parts of sexual crimes will not change anything because the root cause of rape and defilement will not have been addressed.
He says sociological research on rape has shown that men rape women not for sexual satisfaction but as an expression of dominating women or hostility towards them.
"Removing someone's private parts will not solve anything. the men will choose to show their power and hostility through other non-sexual means.
Traditional Authority Makanjira says although sex crimes are grave, cutting off offenders' private parts is going a little on the extreme side.
He says such a practice would mean adopting the Sharia Law practised in some muslim countries such as Iran.
"Doing that would mean bringing in laws practised by my religion [Islam] because our Holy Book [The Quran] says if a hand causes you to sin, it must be cut off and if the eye causes you to sin, it must be taken out. so, similarly in this case, it would mean cutting off what has caused a man to sin.
"This is quite contrary to the laws of this country which is governed by the British Law and the Bible which says that if someone slaps you on one side, give them the other side to do the same; forgive. so, I am against this law for a country like ours. the best we can do is to sentence these offenders to life imprisonment or slap them with a stiffer punishment," said Makanjira.
He, however, points out that because of this law, Iran has fewer cases of rape, theft, lust and other forms of crime.

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