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The 10 worst-dressed women in the world!

The 10 worst-dressed women in the world!

They may be internationally famous celebs, but these ladies aren't exactly setting trends.

Glamour Magazine conducted its 2011 worst-dressed poll with 15,000 readers casting their votes -- and here are the hotties who took a drubbing!
1. Katie Price

She may be a glamour model, author and reality TV star, but one thing Katie's not is a classy dresser.

The busty blonde topped the poll with her sartorial style disasters and we can only wonder what that means for her recently-launched fashion range Day22 -- here's hoping it lasts a few more days than that!

2. Lady Gaga

The eccentric popster seems to have divided the fashion world's opinions about her crazy costumes. While Gaga made it to Vogue's Best Dressed List 2010, her entry on Glamour's list at Number Two can't be ignored and we have a strong feeling that meat dress of hers sealed the deal!

3. Taylor Momsen

The actress-musician tries to channel grunge and goth glam, but it fails miserably. More often that not, Taylor wears lingerie as outerwear and let's not even get started on her makeup -- noone knows for sure what she actually looks like underneath all those layers. Not the ideal wardrobe for any 17-year-old!

4. Paris Hilton

The airhead heiress is all about skinshow and her penchant for baubles is likely to leave any suitor broke. Flashy, cutesy, annoying -- and we're only talking about her wardrobe! That's why Paris comes in at fourth place.

5. Cheryl Cole

The X Factor judge and singer seems to have her fair share of both critics and fans -- she was voted the fifth worst-dressed woman, but also made it to Number Two on the best-dressed list! Looks like she's on the fence. Love Cheryl's style or hate it, you can't ignore it.

6. Mischa Barton

The Hollywood starlet's fondness for boho chic and unusual red carpet choices are under constant scrutiny. It's been a long time since Mischa got it right, which is why she made her debut on Glamour's worst-dressed list at sixth spot.

7. Miley Cyrus

The 18-year-old actress-songstress has come under fire for dressing provocatively at a young age, but it doesn't seem to perturb her in the least. Miley makes it to seventh position as a style disaster.

8. Rihanna

Coming in at eight we have another best-cum-worst candidate -- pop princess Riri. While a majority of respondents voted her as sixth best-dressed, a lot of them also found her apparel appalling and ensured she was included on the worst-dressed side of things too.

9. Ke$ha

We're not at all surprised that the pop star made this list -- in fact, we're shocked she's placed so low! Ke$ha has made a name for herself -- and millions of dollars -- with her unique 'trailer trash' look. Still, we can't help wishing she'd just clean up a little and wear something classy once in a while!

10. Katy Perry

And finally in last place we have singer Katy Perry, whose choices are considered more looney than fashionable -- take a look at the pic and you'll know exactly why!


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