Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vidya Balan Morphed Bikini Picture

Vidya Balan Morphed Bikini Picture

Actress Vidya Balan is gearing up to take legal action against a few websites who had morphed her face on a model wearing a bikini.Vidya Balan Morphed Bikini Picture Vidya Balan Morphed Bikini Picture "Vidya (who's shooting overseas)isvery upset with the way the picture has become hot property in cyberspace. The concerned magazine (on whose cover she has apparently been morphed) has been contacted and they have clarified that they have nothing to do with it," says spokesperson of the actress. The actress has given a go-ahead for a legal suit if the culprit (who's behind creating the picture) is pin-pointed or a re-run of such an incident occurs. With the Internet menace increasing at an alarming rate, the police officials are unable to prosecute the culprits. A police official told the daily, "Yes, there are several complaints that we have received over the years but the problem is the law doesn't have enough teeth to prosecute the culprit even if we manage to nab them," says a source from the police department. Jennifer Lamiraqui's semi-naked picture superimposed with Vidya Balan's face has been doing rounds of the internet. Finally the real name behind the dirty picture has come out. It's a foreign model named Jennifer Lamiraqui who has posed semi-naked in several men's magazines. Some dirty mind worked overtime to work on her real picture and superimpose the face of Vidya Balan on it.

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