Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hollywood Weddings Hairstyles For You!

They say that weddings are all about the dress but, once the photos are taken and filed in your scrapbook forever, it's your face (and hair) that will go down in history. Here are 100 Hollywood hairstyles to keep you from falling flat on your big day!

Kate Beckinsale dazzles in a dramatic bun. To add a touch of glamour to your wedding updo, an additional hair piece might be needed to give the look the structure it needs to stay in place. This updo is a definite show stopper so make sure that your dress, makeup and jewels aren't all trying to compete for attention.

2. Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria Parker's long, smooth do is a classic hairstyle for any bride. Clean and shiny with a side part and curled ends, this is the perfect marriage between the formal updo and long loose locks.

3. Victoria Beckham

Copious amounts of fake tanner and black eyeliner aside, Victoria Beckham rocks the heck out of her curly graduated bob. Ms. Beckham always makes sure her hair has just the right amount of volume for a truly dynamic look.
. Amanda Seyfried

Who said the 60s were over? The beehive is back, newly modernized and ready to rock the wedding chapel. To make sure that this vintage wedding hair doesn't look dated, do like Amanda Seyfried and angle it towards the back instead of upwards. Accessorize with a modern headband.
5. Michelle Williams

Actress Michelle Williams may have cropped and dyed her hair for a movie role, but her platinum blonde 'do suits her quite well—especially when parted to the side. This cut could make a sophisticated wedding hairstyle with the right jewels.

6. Nicole Kidman

A chignon is always a classic and perfectly suited for Nicole Kidman's elegant style. To modernize the look but still keep it elegant, she positioned it off center and brushed her bangs to the side.

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