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Most Outrageous Celebrity Outfits

Most Outrageous Celebrity Outfits

Snakeskins, peacock feathers and ribbons are just a few of the many things it takes to make a celebrity's outfit outrageous. This thread shows you how the pros do it!
Courtney Love

She's been called 'the most controversial woman in the history of rock' and this outfit was only befitting of the title. Pink lingerie covered with a pink net. Add a couple of wings, a tulle tail, unflattering goggles and a sleek guitar and you're on your way to becoming the frontwoman of Hole.
Katy Perry

The 'Hot n Cold' singer is not looking too hot in this merry-go-round getup. Her fair-inspired dress by Manish Arora screamed "Carousel rides over here!" Ok, so she's not hot in this number, but she does look kind of cute, don't you agree?
Kanye West & Amber Rose

The snakeskin that Amber opted to cover her human skin with still manages to leave us a little speechless. Once you draw your gaze away from the skin you can actually notice the jewellery she pairs it with, but this doesn't help as no kind of jewellery can actually make that skin look any better. Ok, now drag your gaze away from Amber altogether and take a look at boyfriend Kanye's accessory - Hennessy Cognac!

The Icelandic singer was known to have strange dressing streak so it shouldn't really have come as a shock when she decided to wear a nude body suit and throw a tulle wrap with a swan head over it, but it did. It got the cameras flashing and left the fashionistas talking for weeks.
Lil Kim

Pink and white hair, shredded white cloth that is kept together by colourful ribbons, purple tinted shades and more net! Lil Kim walks into our gallery of 'most outrageous outfits worn by celebrities' in style? Umm make that ease.

Jamaican beauty, Rihanna goes for a x-rated look (forgive the sad pun). Her asymmetrical catsuit revealing half a bra and one long leg, her spunky hairdo and thick black eyeliner are without a doubt sexy, but it's also weird, leaving us with the conclusion that this outfit is OUTRAGEOUS!
Bai Ling

What would this gallery be without an appearance from the notorious Bai Ling with all her wardrobe malfunctions and bizarre clothes? A black strapless bra that's close to another one of those afore-mentioned malfunctions and bright red mini with fish-net stockings is still pretty racy despite her attempt at covering up with sheer black lace.
Britney Spears

Here's the still fresh-faced and hot Britney at the 31st annual American Music Awards in 2003. It looks like the 'womanizer' singer chose to wear eye-grabbing costumes for her performances even back in the day.
Janet Jackson

The pop hunk, Justin Timberlake gets no attention here. All eyes on Janet! The wardrobe malfunction is considered to be the most famous one yet.

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