Monday, May 23, 2011

I don't want to date anyone from Bollywood: Udita

I don't want to date anyone from Bollywood: Udita

I don`t want to date anyone from Bollywood: UditaModel-turned-actress is penning a script for veteran actor Naseerudin Shah 

Udita Goswani has just completed a film script. The model-turned-actress steps into her new role as writer with a romantic yet mature love story.

And the only actor, she had on her mind while writing her project is Naseeruddin Shah. 

"I have written my scenes keeping him in mind and no one else. He's perfect! I just hope he says yes when I'm done with the script, " said Udita. "I will approach him with the final draft. Then I can narrate each and every scene to him." 

Udita had been toying with the idea of writing for a long time. "I started writing, then got confused and stopped. 

But I am finally completing the script now. Although the story is ready, I am working on the screenplay. I have realised that every scene in the film can't be from a woman's point of view." 

Her script is, however, not very filmy. "I have drawn a lot from my real life. That's why it's so special to me." So is Udita dating anyone from the film industry? "I don't want to date anyone from the industry as I would like to have a life beyond films. 

People from the industry live, eat and breathe films all the time. Everything in life can't be about the success of a film, " she said Udita will next be seen in Diary Of A Butterfly.


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