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No Dabangg 2 but search on for an item as hot as Munni

No Dabangg 2 but search on for an item as hot as Munni

No Dabangg 2 but search on for an item as hot as MunniArbaaz Khan concedes that he may produce another film before he takes up the Dabangg sequel 

Arbaaz Khan does not want to take any chances when it comes to giving the best for his superhit film Dabangg's sequel. His brother Salmaan Khan is busy with other commitments and he does not want to rush things. 

"Salman Khan is a big star. He has several films lined up before he gets ready for Dabangg 2. He has to finish Atul (Agnihotri)'s Bodyguard. 

Then he has to start two films later this year, one for Yashraj and the other for brother Sohail. This is the first time Salman is working with Yashraj. 

And we're all very excited about it."

Arbaaz reluctantly admitted that he might produce another film in the meantime. "If I come across something exciting, or a script that feels right, I'll be happy to pick it up. But the problem is, who will star in a quickie? It's not just Salman who is busy. 

Ranbir, Imran, and other actors are all committed for the next couple of years. I'd rather focus on getting Dabangg 2 in place." 

Arbaaz is confident that Dabangg has a long shelf life and that the sequel can wait. Recently, he was in Chennai for the mahurat of the Tamil version of Dabangg.

"I met the actors who are playing Salman's role and mine. They are fine artistes and I wish them luck. Dabangg is also being remade in Telugu. The film has such a long shelf life.

Why should I worry about starting the sequel? We need to focus on creating a good product, not on giving headlines to the papers." 


The schedule of Dabangg 2 has already been postponed twice. Earlier, shooting was deferred to December 2011, which was again changed to January 2012. According to new plans, the shoot will only begin in the the middle of next year. Meanwhile, the search is on for an item song that can match up to Munni.


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