Monday, May 16, 2011

Revealed: A hot actress who dabbles with black magic

Revealed: A hot actress who dabbles with black magic

Revealed: A hot actress who dabbles with black magicIf you ever land up at this Bong actress' pad in Juhu on a full moon night, be prepared to be spooked!

Dim candlelight, photos bordered with black powder and a book of spells on the altar adorning the house has become a regular affair at this actress's place.

Hint: her ex-boyfriend recently appeared on a reality show.

Real scare
Despite her filmi connections, it has been suggested by various sources dark arts has been her prime forte. Recently, a director who visited her got a fright of his life. 

The Bongshell had photos of John-Bipasha and Salman on a small square table with a lot of candles lit around them. When the director questioned what it was, the actress revealed it was "a game" she planned to play. 

However, a source reveals that it is more than a mere game. "All her friends know that she practices black magic. It is scary that she had John-Bipasha's photo on her table given the fact that they recently broke up! 

Also, what does she have to do with Salman? She has never worked with him before."

Hacking habit
Apparently, the magic doesn't stop there. "She's also famous for hacking into her ex-boyfriends' Facebook accounts.

She recently broke into her ex's account. You know who... the same ex she was stuck in an embarrassing situation with, a few years ago?

It's kinda scary because everyone is extremely wary of her. They never use her laptop to surf because of her hacking habits, " the source revealed. 

Despite being out of work, this actress keeps herself busy by linking herself up with cricketers and social climbers, the source added. 


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