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Serious accidents on the sets of Mausam:Shahid injured

Serious accidents on the sets of Mausam:Shahid injured

Serious accidents on the sets of Mausam:Shahid injuredIn one lucky night on the sets of the film, four victims including Shahid Kapoor, escaped with minor injuries in serious mishaps 

This is one day of shoot that Shahid Kapoor and the whole cast and crew of Pankaj Kapoor's Mausam will never forget. 

On Saturday night, at the CRPF grounds in Goregaon where the shoot was taking place a Ferris-wheel came hurling down towards Shahid injuring his right arm. 

Soon after, the car transporting the doctor who came to attend to SK rammed into a bike. 

The calamitous incidences don't' stop there. On the same very night two lightmen on the sets were injured when a rostrum holding them 70 feet above the ground gave away! 

Luckily, no one was seriously injured. The crew believes that special forces were at work that day saving all the victims including Shahid, who could have seriously injured his face. 

Says an eyewitness, "Yes, Shahid is injured and has hurt his right shoulder and arm. But it could've been worse. If he hadn't moved out in time his face would've taken the brunt.

Pankajji just couldn't move. He was transfixed staring at his son. Shahid kept assuring everyone he was fine until the doctor arrived."

Producer Sheetal Talwar said, "It was a nightmare for all of us. And I'd rather not talk about it. Miraculously, Shahid was saved. No, it wasn't the whole Ferris wheel; just one of the boxes came loose." 

Talwar also admits that the doctor attending to Shahid got into an accident while driving back in the star's vehicle and that the two lightmen fell but got away with minor bruises. 

Shudders Talwar, "It's almost like some force was watching over us."


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