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Dada move over, Didi is here - It is the end of the war of sexes

Dada move over, Didi is here - It is the end of the war of sexes

Dada move over, Didi is here - It is the end of the war of sexesNandana Sen: "I grew up in the era of Jyoti Basu. So this is a huge political and cultural change. It's the people's verdict and I've the greatest faith in the wisdom of our people. I'm extremely optimistic. "

Riya Sen: "I'm very happy for the poribartan that Mamta Banerjee promises. She is tough and motivated in her fight against the CPM. And we've given her a chance to prove herself. "

Mithun Chakraborty: "She deserves the thumping victory. She has worked work and worked honestly. I completely empathize with her struggle to emerge a winner. Do you know, she had got only 1 seat in the last Lok Sabha elections?

I think it was the complacency arrogance and over-confidence of others that worked to Mamta Baneerjee's advantage. She's a one-woman army. Her ability to stand up for what she believes in is truly exemplary. With my son's film doing so well I've reason for a double-celebration. "

Amole Gupte: "More power to Didi!"

Rituparna Sengupta: "Heartiest congratulations on her victory. I wish her all the very best. May all her dreams, whatever she has envisaged for West Bengal, come true. "

Koena Mitra: "Capricorn woman, Bengal's CM and a fighter who never lost patience. I am truly happy for her and her supporters. Hope Pashchim Bangla's new CM shows the magic that she has promised her believers for the future. "

Sohail Sen (music director of Ashutosh Gowariker's What's Your Raashee and Yashraj's Mere Brother Ki Dulhan): "I'm really happy that she won the elections. She helps the ones who really need help. She is one of the cleanest politicians we have in our country. I wish her all the best and I hope that we get more politicians like her in our country. " 

Pritish Nandy: "Mamta's victory is historic. After almost 40 years a Communist government was overthrown and decimated by one adamant woman who refused to be cowed down by the ruling regime's political might and their threats. Now the challenge is to make Bengal catch up with the rest of India and regain its past glory. Can she do it?"

Tanushree Dutta: "I'm not much into politics. But it is surprising to see that the CPM has given way to the Mamta regime by such a huge majority after a 35-year domination. Mamta is the first woman CM of Bengal. Change is always welcome. It opens up the possibility of a bright future. "

Kumar Sanu: "Yes everybody needed a change. Mamtadi is a genuine politician. Her honesty will speeden the process of Bengal's growth. And that's what we need. Thank you, Didi. "

Sophie Chowdhary: "I think her victory is an incredible achievement. To think it took a single woman to bring about a change in Bengal speaks volumes for her determination and people's desire for a change. Let's hope the change is for the better and that she remains the simple Didi of the masses. "

Tanishtha Chatterjee: "I think the younger people saw this change coming in West Bengal. In a democratic country, WB functioned as an autocracy. I hope the change is for the better and brings progress to the State. It is interesting that the change in the one-man rule in Bengal has come at a time when the Middle East is repudiating autocracy. "

Amit Kumar (Kishore Kumar's son): "Well. it's a historic win. Toppling a powerful Left government after34 years. Great!Now we have to see how she anchors her government. "

Sudipto Chattopadhyay (director Pankh): "This victory has been scripted like a potboiler. The enemies of the state have been decimated. "

Anurag Basu: "Friday the 13th will remain engraved in Buddha Babu (Jyoti Basu) and his party comrades' bitter memories for a long time. And they will try hard to make matters tough for Mamta Didi. It's a rough sea ahead for her. But the people of Bengal are filled with new hope and will make sure her sailing is smooth. "

Chandan Roy Sanyal: "I think it is the end of the war of the sexes. Now 'Dada' moves over. Didi takes over. Bengali Sarees are back in vogue. "

Prosenjit (Bengal's reigning superstar): "It's a great success indeed and common people like us will expect some good work. Everyone who voted for her has a lot of faith in her. "

Raima Sen: "I think it's a positive change. Hopefully we'll have green Bengal. "

Rohit Roy: "I've been in Kolkata for the past three months shooting a Bengali film and have witnessed the burning desire for change first-hand. It was a foregone conclusion that Didi would come to power. I'm personally very happy she has won. 

She's a people's person and has brought a lot of changes in West Bengal. She has driven the State forward economically, something the Left has failed to do in 6 decades!! I expect a sea-change in Kolkata. The people here are smiling as though a member of their own family has triumphed. "

Bappi Lahiri: "I'm more qualified to speak about Mamta Didi's victory than anyone else. I was physically present in Bengal to campaign for three of her candidates Debashree Roy, Ashok Dev and Brij Mohan. I even went to Sundarban for Debashree. Everywhere that I went there was no red flag. 

It was the Trinamool Congress all the way. Then and there I knew change was on the way in Bengal. I've supported Sonia Gandhiji for eight years. Now I am happy that another woman has come into power. Mamata Didi is the avatar of Goddess Durga.

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